Clements Computer

Mark Clements (406)570-1152 Bozeman, MT

Prices and Costs

Data Recovery

Cost: $75/hr

Recover missing or corrupted files, will be restored on a USB drive or cd

Operating System Reinstallation

Cost: $120 at shop, $75/hr on-site

Complete fresh reinstallation of purchased or upgraded operating system and restore previous documents and settings

Virus and Malware Infections

Cost: $75 basic, $75/hr comprehensive

Clements Computer will remove all viruses, malware and other harmful programs

Network Installation (Home or Business)

Cost: $75/hr

Routers and modems installed and tested, print sharing can be setup and all other devices that require port forwarding or network setup.

On-Site Service Call

Cost: $75/hr

All on-site services will be charged an hourly rate